First time in London

Hey friends,

Sitting on the couch in a hostel lobby that I slept at last night, it feels futuristic.. here in London.. currently 8:30 am… and I am starting my day.

Not used to this, being 7 hours ahead, I think my body needed this, my clock needed this, my nighthawk agenda. Instead of having dinner at 1am, I now feel like having a huge meal for breakfast.. I hope things stay this way, I imagine I am just a bit cuckoo thought from the flights and 24 hour travel day.

Surprisingly enough, I feel fairly rested, even though it was very hard to sleep last night, did not catch tons of zzz’s.

Im getting kicked out of this first place in an hour, its incredibly expensive for a 10am checkout, you think they’d give a guy till noon at least! Then Ive got about an hour walk to my next place, close to the venue I play at tonight.. according to google maps.

Im feeling lots of things, dont know what to expect yet, its so much different than Scandinavia here so far, the only other place in Europe I have been, Im hunting a second generation Woody Guthrie, there’s definitely lots of amazing music history here, this hostel hangs the famous album cover of The Clash’s London Calling.

Im goona take off these bed linens for these guys and check out here and start walking, perhaps a stab at busking today before my show at The Bedroom Bar.

More to come,

Cheers, (everyone says cheers here)!

rock n roll,


  • Hannah Baynham

    Hey Joe – hope you are enjoying London! I apologise on behalf of the capital for its horribly costly ways! I’m hoping to come and see you on Monday in Camden. Let me know if you have any questions about what to do and where to go. The London busking scene will love you, but check out licensing first as they can be funny about it. Cheers 😉

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