Merry Halloween

Its Halloween,

Possibly my favorite holiday of the year, at least it was when I was a kid.. Ive got a pillow sack full of dirty underwear instead of candy this year though.
Im sitting in the laundromat waiting for stuff to dry, and stop spinning. Listening to “Straight to hell” by Todd Snider, The Hard Working Americans, cuz he talks about laundromats and hanging with his friends in this killer tune.

Its about 5 degrees above zero here in Toronto today, the streets are buzzing with all sorts of different characters and costumes, its Saturday night and October 31st in the big city.

I am on the fence about what to do, I think for the first time ever I wont be dressing up, at least not as of now. There is a Bruce Springsteen bash at The Cameron House tonight that my friend Greg Cockerill is fronting, he will also be joining me on guitar this month. So I think I will have to stop in there and get a dose of The Boss!
Or, part of me wants to just stay in the van, and let the ghosts haunt me, let the spirits come in and try and craft out some spooky tunes, maybe tonights the perfect night to finally sleep in a graveyard. We will see..

Rehearsing is going really smooth with this newly constructed band, and Im looking forward to bringing it all to the stage this month, its rocking hard and finding its way into the pocket. Hoping for magic and magic crowds. Its been a long time since I’ve done two full sets of original music with a solid band.

Getting used to living out of the van, I don’t have a name for her yet, either Big Blue or maybe something like Lucy. Has to be a girl. I bought a week permit which costed me 24$ and allows me to park on the street in a designated area and zone without having to worry or stress about getting tickets. I’m good to leave it all day, all night, which is perfect. Im sleeping on Grace street right now, just off College, between Bathurst and Ossington.. Its an awesome and central area. I’ve been walking everywhere. Close to the gym and pool, close to my favourite venues, coffee shops etc.. and its also in Little Italy.

Its amazing how many things you see and hear through these tinted windows, all the people that walk by that don’t see me as I’m perched in the back playing guitar or sleeping or changing into my new day of clothes. The bits of conversations I catch, the noises of the late night crawlers, the traffic buzzing, the street lights shining through the windshield. Two nights ago I could hear a dude vomiting in a back alley right beside me, that was nice, I moved out of that area. Last night I heard the 4am can collectors sweeping by in the dawn dragging there garbage bags along. Im enjoying it and starting to get into the routine of things.

The first two days here were complete non-stop rain storms and I spent my first night in a Walmart parking lot off of Dufferin. Was kind of tough to get around those days, the skate park across the street was flooded and overflowing. It was kind of neat though in a way I suppose, felt like Vancouver, I hate the grey though, in terms of the weather that is. I also found out that my van has a leak under the drivers side hood. Water drenches in through it and under where the brakes are and goes all over the drivers side floor every time it rains. Not sure how to fix that but at least its not in the back where I’m sleeping.. Wouldn’t be a vehicle of mine without a few little quirks right.

Alright, my briefs are dry, I’m loading up my sack and headed out. That sounded funny.

Playing a songwriter in the round show on Tuesday night in Barrie, and then Cameron house starts up with the first show this Wed, looking forward to it. Love and peace from the Big Smoke. Trick or treat and Happy Halloween to you, hope everyone has a good one, be safe and have fun out there kids.

( February 2014, Six Shooter Records )