Woke up this morning, Its been 22 nights sleeping in the van.
It feels like it has been much much longer, yet, at same time, It has gone by so fast. Like the movie I watched last night in the back seat, “In The Name Of The Father”. Young Daniel Day Lewis stars in this drama of an Irish crew falsely accused of a Britain bombing and sentenced to life imprisonment. A film where the truth is masked by government and political corruption. I couldn’t sleep after it, or hardly at all last night. Its getting to be a bit cold for me, and its not even below zero yet. Which is weird.

I have been lucky enough to have stumbled into some amazing weather the first couple of weeks here, even a few days where I was able to walk around in a t-shirt.. but, alas, nothing lasts forever when it comes to the weather. I feel the coldness breaching over this winter warmth. And Ive caught a chest cold, I figure its from the obvious. I need more blankets or am gonna look into a space heater of some sort, or a little propane powered heater maybe, hahaha, might as well get a stove while I’m at it too eh, dream of coffee and eggs and cigarettes and breakfast in bed. I always thought I was a reptile for loving the cold, or at least the ability to sleep in cold places, I don’t really love the cold actually but will continue on.

I rented one other movie, my first week here, It was called “A Fuckload Of Scotch tape”. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but its got a pretty cool backstory for the reason I ended up renting it.
I was hanging out in a bookstore on College, and there was this old school ghetto blaster playing something softly, high up on one of the dusty shelves. Then this song came on, and I needed to know it, but was too shy or lazy to ask the dude working, so I used shazam on my phone. The song came up as Tequila Vampire Matinee by a guy named Kevin Quain, never heard of him before.
I then went to a nearby coffeeshop, got on my computer and looked this guy up. I couldn’t find the song that I so enjoyed in the bookstore, but I found his website. He’s from Toronto it told me, what… and then I read on, this guy played a show at the bookstore I randomly walked into the night before! I then went on to check out a couple photos, and Im quite certain that the guy working behind the desk that day was Kevin Quain, that he works at the bookstore. I have been back twice and both times it has been a different employee. Anyways, I see he is playing at a jazz club called The Rex in the future, so I am going to go over there and check it out. His website describes him as a Singer, Songwriter, Playwright, Obscurantist, Ninja, Carny, Pirate. I know this story went on too long, but the reason I rented this movie, is because Kevin Quain does all the music for the soundtrack, which was the best part of the film. The movie was pretty messed up, but the music was haunting and perfect. Anyways, not really any of the tunes I heard are online, but I have spotified them, here’s one I dig though that is online.

On another note, my first Cameron House show went really well I felt. The place was pretty packed throughout the whole night. We even got a random pub crawl that came in briefly to check it out and shake it loose, but they were actually pretty obnoxious so its a good thing they ventured onwards, back into the streets for the night. The band was really tight for our first time all playing together. And we pounded out 18 originals, 6 of those songs brand new and never had been played before at all. Benj Rowland came out from Peterborough to open things up, I then went over to his hometown next on Friday night to open up for his group The Mayhemingways. All in all, the shows have been a blast. The first Wednesday at Cameron I sweated more than I ever have on stage, it felt so good but I was literally dripping, my whole shirt drenched. I couldn’t figure out why, but maybe its because Ive been swimming and not drinking beer but tons of water everyday instead. Which I haven’t done in lord knows how long ahah. Anyways, we will see what happens this week, looking forward to it.

I got myself a full on membership at the YMCA, at a low income, van living, musician rate, which is applicable anywhere in Canada and the States. Been going everyday, trying to get a run and a swim in each time. And a healthy rinse of course. I joined a water polo team, well not really joined but went and played last week. It happens every week, Tues, Thurs, and Friday. Michael the lifeguard invited me one day when I was swimming laps, told me to come sit in on a game. He looks like this old Russian war vet, and is hardcore and runs the water polo team. I was the youngest dude that played, there was a couple other late 20 year olds, then a mixture of about ten other guys from 35-65 years old. My favourite are the old dudes, they’re lifers and have been there since the beginning, day one. They know all the rules and how to bend them. I got myself a hat trick that day and they call me sniper now hahaha. I think I’ll go back tomorrow for another try at it.

Spending spare time in coffee shops and playing guitar late at night in the Six Shooter office. This new Jason Isabel song is playing through the speakers right now as I write, it sounds even better than the song I heard in the bookstore..

Im missing home, but am focusing on these shows, and taking them as they come.
Talk soon, peace, and hugs


( February 2014, Six Shooter Records )