Day 4/5

Well just got back to the hotel room from breakfast. Went out for some sweet potato pancakes at the famous arcade diner! Delicious and filling, really cool old joint that was apparently Elvis’s favorite place to go eat, built in 1919 it is the oldest running cafe in Memphis. It is also right near where Martin Luther King was Murdered. Lots of history…
Yesterday was a nice day, all my showcases were finished so I just relaxed, took a nice walk down to the Mississippi river and watched a couple guys fishing. Then watched music all day at the hotel, my favorite acts were Sam Baker, CR Avery, and Rose Cousins. It’s been a great time here and I feel real lucky and fortunate to have been a part of the 2012 Folk Alliance.
I’m leaving for the airport in about an hour… Flying to Chicago and then from there to Calgary. Get home round 8 pm.
Have some shows coming up this week in Calgary, I’ll be back to let you know about them. Thanks for stopping by,

Peace, from Memphis!


Day 3

Hey there….
Had a real late night… Was up to about 5 am,
Yesterday was cool, I caught a lot of great music including CR Avery, Blackie and the rodeo kings and Sam baker Amon others. But my favorite of them all was Malcom Holcombe… His performance is so chillingly engaging…and his eyes look out into the crowd like a hungry wolf. It’s like a murder takes place in the room when he sings.
My final showcase was last night at 2 30 am, and it went great. It was in room 1730 called folk for the future and I was the last act to close that room up. I just played solo, no mics, felt it was probably my strongest performance even though I was only singing to a few tired eyes and a hallway of ghosts.
Today I’m going to walk Down to the Mississippi river by myself and throw a stone in there or something. Last day here today, flying back home tomorrow afternoon.


Day 2

Hey everybody…
Thanks for checking in…
It is 3 30 in the morning, had quite a day here… It has been a whirlwind. Pretty tired so I don’t know where this blog will go… Started out with a great lunch at Gus’s famous chicken place, yum, so good… Then hung at the hotel and mingled for a couple hours..
My official showcase was at 8 30 pm, it went good. Had a nice and supportive audience… Then had a couple beers, ate some fries, killed some time. Waited until 12 30 at night for the next show. It was in the troubadour room on the 18th floor of the hotel… This one was fun, Russel and I only played 3 songs, no mics or anything… Just let it rip out… That sounds funny doesn’t it, haha. Anyways we jetted from there to the beaver suite room…. Where we had a showcase at 1 am…. This was the highlight of the night! The sound was fantastic, thanks to Jackson who worked the board. As well thanks to Michael Wrycraft for introducing us and warming up the room and finally a big thanks to Shawna cooper and her son Daniel for hosting…. What a wonderful environment, I felt great about the final show and the day overall.
Russel was brilliant throughout the day, as usual. He is off to the airport at about 5 in the morning, so only a couple hours away. Thanks to him for coming down and joining me, it was a treat.
Tomorrow I have my final showcase at 2 30 in the morning, yikes, looking forward to it. That’s it for now, gotta get some sleep, been drinking lots of water which feels good. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be writing again after my show tomorrow night.
Goodnight sugar mama,


Day 1 Memphis

Howdy folks,

It has been a hell of a first day in Memphis… Our flight was delayed an hour and a half in Denver but we made it to the Marriott Hotel safe and sound at about 2 30 pm this afternoon… Flying over the muddy Mississippi river down into Memphis.
I had a great experience performing at the Ditty Tv studio…. What a place! Russell killed it on guitar, I felt a couple great moments on stage… Especially in My sweet Forever. Thanks to Ronnie, Doug, Amy and all the folks involved in Ditty TV. I was fortunate to be picked as 1 out of the 35 people to be filmed at there studio out of about 2500 performers at the Folk Alliance!
After that, I had a great dinner at B. B. Kings famous ribs house, chewing down on some chicken strips and drinking a BIG flat tire beer!
Then it was back to the hotel…. Climbing to the top 3 floors, 17, 18, 19, hearing songs about coyotes to smelly armpits. But it was in room 1929 that I heard a beautiful song from friend and Edmontonian Rob Heath… A song about when you are young and you see a trick, you think it’s magic, but when you are old you think magic is a trick, the trick is to find the magic…!
That’s it for tonight, I am in my hotel room blogging on my new iPad. Tomorrow Is a big day, 3 showcases. First one starting at 8 30 at night.
I’ll be back here to let you know how it goes….

Peace and goodnight,



Hey Everybody,

I am Flying to Memphis, TN tonight… I believe our flight is at 4 am! I will be heading down with my manager Neil MacGonigill and guitarist Russell Broom. Russ and I will be performing at the Folk Alliance. We have 5 showcases total, our first one starting tomorrow, which is actually being streamed and filmed live on the internet. You can watch it at (tomorrow night at 7pm alberta time)(8pm Memphis time). All the other shows are listed on this website. I will be back home on the 26th but will be blogging throughout the week, so come back! peace,



Hey folks….
Just getting home, into bed… Had a great night…
Started with the Palomino, played a show from 5 to 9 with my friend Steve Halvorson on the guitar… We played 4 sets and about 40 songs!
Highlight was probably singing Neil Youngs song Mr. Soul, or an old one I used to sing a lot by Jimi Hendrix called Hey Joe! Thanks to all the kind folks at the club for listening and hosting us.. also met the boys of the band Harlan Pepper based out of Hamilton, they were playing downstairs, hope there gig went smooth.
Then I tripped over to the Ironwood to catch Bill Bournes second set of the evening… Just him and a guitar, it was magical. Was really nice to catch up with Bill afterwords, bullshitting and hearing him talk about the theory of buckyballs! Long story…
Now just geeing up for Sunday night at Loliats Lounge, it’s going to be a special one as Russ Broom is coming in to join me on stage.
Talk to ya soon, goodnight and peace,



Happy Wednsday,

It’s 11 49 am, lots on my mind. Usually I am not present until afternoon… But I have a new iPad which is has been occupying lots of my time for a couple days.. Still trying to learn the damn thing, getting used to a touch screen and all this app world shit. Pretty cool..
I have been bunkering down in Calgary for a couple of weeks in preparation for some shows coming up. This Friday I am playing a show from 5 to 9 pm at the Palomino, it’s a free one so come down if in town. Secondly, I have been rehearsing with Russell Broom as we are headed to Memphis in a couple weeks to be part of the International Folk Alliance. Before we leave we are performing at Lolitas Lounge this Sunday… I’m looking forward to this one! Then I play at Fionn MacCools on feb 16 and then going to Edmonton for a few days playing at the Haven Social Club on feb 19th…. Flying to Memphis on feb 22nd… Busy schedule!

Other news, I got myself a library card. It’s one of the best purchases I have ever made. Cost me 12 bucks a year! I spend more on two pints of beer! Anyways that allows me to take up to 99 books, DVDs, CDs out at a time, crazy! Been reading a great Tom Waits book and this week I’m listening to Robert Cray, Jeff Healey, Guy Davis, and David Blue….

Thanks to Emily Merklinger and the team at Augustana’s Dagligtale paper for doing a cool write up on my music… If anyone is into reading it, check out the press section on my website and scroll down!

Have a lovely Wednsday


Mongrel Music signing

Hey guys,
some good news today..

Im excited and proud to let everyone know that I have been signed to the prestigious roots music booking agency Mongrel Music (Fairfax, California) for world wide agency representation. The Mongrel Music roster includes some great roots music artists including Grammy award winner Dave Alvin, Louisiana based slide guitar wizard, Sonny Landreth, folk and blues legend Chris Smither, and many others. I’m looking forward to working with Chris Faville, Brad Madison and the rest of the Mongrel team as we embark on an adventure!


Some Great shows

So just thought I would send out a thank you to the folks at Scalliwags Pub in Camrose… What a wonderful night I had playing there this past Saturday. Thanks to Rose City Roots for hosting the event and taking such good care of me. To Mike at the club, Ger, Jeremy, Al and all the other kind folks who were involved. I had a wonderful time, one of the best experience’s I have had in a while! It was a real treat to travel down with Mike Lent and have him join me on the upright bass as well.
After Saturday it was back to Calgary sunday morning, had a nice first night back at Club Paradiso (Lolitas Lounge) minus our sign on the street getting stolen for the second time… why some guys want a big picture of my head…? Im not sure… haha.

And last night was a blast debuting with my new Calgary band at the ironwood. All though it was a cold one outside we still managed to get together at the ironwood and play a rocking show! Thanks to everyone who came out!

see you again soon,


Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!
I love this day. why do they call this day unlucky? not sure, friday is my favorite day of the week.

Busy weekend coming up… Tomorrow I am traveling to Camrose with Mike Lent who will be playing bass with me for the Rose City Roots series at Scalliwags pub! Then Sunday I am back in Calgary playing at Lolitas Lounge and Tuesday I will be playing with a Band at Ironwood!
Hope you can catch one of the shows..
peace and beware!