Winter Roots and Blues Roundup

Hello Folks…
I am so honored to have been a part of the Winter Roots and Blues Roundup that is still going on this weekend put on by folkways alive and Peter North. This roundup is compiled of concerts, film screenings, and workshops happening at a number of different venues across Edmonton. Earlier this week I performed at Leduc composite high, as well as Austin Obrien high school in Edmonton… sharing thoughts and discussing the music world with some of the students attending these schools. Last night I was fortunate enough to open for Grandpa Banana (former member of The Youngbloods) at the Blue Chair cafe… we got to jam together in the greenroom for about ten minutes without saying a word before i had to go out on stage to do my set.. At the end of the night Banana needed a ride to his hotel, so I ended up giving him a lift, we talked about the Butch Waller song “A voice on the wind”.
It was a highlight listening to someone with such history and musical depth such as Grandpa Banana who plays an important role in continuing to carry along his musical ancestors through song. Also a great pleasure to have been a part of this festival. Thanks to Peter North and Folkways alive!
Today, I start packing a car load for the move to Calgary. peace



Hey Folks,
welcome to the website if this is your first time… Thought I would give a little insider on what has been shaking…

Yes… I am moving to Calgary. Yesterday I signed a six month lease to live in an old apartment building above an antique shop in a very historic part of the city called Inglewood. It felt good to have someone finally put their trust in my capability of paying the rent after being turned down by five previous landlords for being a “Full-time musician”. I am pretty excited about the move, the building I will be sleeping in is neighbors with one of Calgary’s coolest music clubs, the Ironwood. There is also a great record store and book store down the street. It should be a groovy hang…

The reasoning behind this relocation is to be in the same city as my manager Neil MacGonigill, so we can work more closely together. Also, to expand my musicality and discover a new scene. As well, it is important to keep my mind healthy… a change shall be good. At the same time it is close enough to Edmonton that if I need to be there it is only a three hour trip away. Anyways that is a bit of an update friends.. be sure to throw a rock at my window when you are in town!

Go Flames!
Haha jk, Oil is still number one!

Peace out until next time,


Joe Nolan recording new music

Joe travelled to Nashville, TN early in December to record his 3rd collection of songs. Stay tuned for more information and expect the new music to be released early in the new year.

Joe does shows with Todd Snider

Joe had a great weekend (Fri. Nov. 5 and Sat. Nov. 6) opening shows for East Nashville singer/songwriter Todd Snider. Friday night at the Myer Horowitz Theatre in Edmonton and Saturday night at the Knox United Church in Calgary. Both of these venues are great to see and hear live music and the shows were exceptional. Many thanks to Bryan Taylor and the team at Concerts North for adding Joe to the bill and big thanks to Todd Snider for inviting Joe to do these shows with him. If you haven’t seen a Todd Snider show do yourself a favour and keep a lookout for the next time he is your neighbourhood. You will not regret it!!


Well September is almost half eaten now, and I have been slipping from cyberspace recently. But all is well and I will try to keep this site updated with news as much as possible… finished a song tonight… feels nice. goodnight,


August tour…

Hello to those who may read this…
This is the first day i have had access to a computer. I believe it’s our third day out in B.C. so far… we arrived in Penticton late into the evening a couple nights ago. Our first night was spent sleeping in the house of a woman named Vi. She wan an old gypsy that we met while buying fries outside of a night club. In exchange for her hospitality we helped her pick vegetables from her garden the next morning at 7 am. By 10 we had a full van… she sold her produce beside a tea tent at the farmers market while Dan and I busked until 1 30. We made 19 bucks each. Last night we stayed in a hostel. We are walking on about 4 hours of sleep. Tonight we play at Voodoos, and then tomorrow we are off to Vancouver! I you have not heard my friend Daniel Moir’s music please check it out! that is all for now,



Poem a day…

Hey friends,
check out my blog for my poem a day, peace


live performance links

Check out some live performances at the following links. Joe opened a show for Sam Baker and Gurf Morlix in Edmonton, Alberta on Feb. 13/10. These performances are from that show.

Dave Alvin show

Joe Nolan was well received when he opened for Dave Alvin at the Ironwood Stage in Calgary, Alberta on Sunday Mar. 21.10