The Unwind

It’s 9pm in Toronto, I’m heading out to see the Beauties at Dakota in a little bit, to do some homework, research and get a dose of inspiration. And Then tomorrow I have my 3rd week at the Cameron House before I get to come home for a little stint of time on Tuesday morning which I’ve really been anticipating these past couple of days.
My show in Wakefield was beautiful, the venue was basically crawling into the waterfront, located right in front of a lake, and hillside cottages in the blue openness, perched alongside abandoned train tracks.
I saw 3 hawks that day, and then one on the bus ride home to Toronto. I felt like I was in B.C. for a few seconds or my parents backyard, and it was nice. The show was quiet, but filled me up. A big thanks to Neil and Wendy who took me into there home in Ottawa for the night, and drove me to the bus station. Those two were saviours, as I was about to hitchhike from Ottawa to Wakefield!

Everything here is so fast paced, white noised out and hard to keep up with. I have yet to find silence which is something Ive always known that I cherish, but I’m realizing it is almost a necessity for my sanity, heart, head and health. But I’m learning through the challenge. And looking forward to unwinding from the buildings come Tuesday morning. Then back into the thick of it for my final Monday in May at the Cameron, which by the way is my favorite venue in town right now. The staff, the people, the vision is top notch and it sure is a treat to be part of the merry-go-round!
Today, I visited the Medieval Times with the Six Shooter office, it was fucking nuts and pretty funny. Like watching Merlin in real life, horses, sword fights, kings and queens, the whole deal.
See ya on the flip side


On a bus

Good morning, or afternoon, or night to you.
I’m on a crammed and crowded old greyhound bus, trucking my way through these rainy Ontario highways, for a 5 hour trip to Ottawa.
It will officially be my first time ever in Canada’s capital city. Tonight I play at a club called the Black Sheep Inn, to be honest I have no idea what it will be like. But I’m real excited, because it is a room that apparently many of the greats have been through, including Ray Lamontagne, at least that’s what someone told me outside of The Dakota last night!
It’s been a busy week, had a wonderful time at CMW and caught so much music I almost overdosed on it. Nothing truly blew me away, other than Adam Baldwin and his band, who were probably my favorite. And of course Jr. Gone Wild kicked ass! I saw them twice and they out rocked every band at the showcase and are twice the age of most of the acts that came through.

Aside from that jazz, hanging at the Dakota has not failed me once yet.
On Sunday night It was recommended that I go see the Beauties there, so I did, I walk downstairs and find that Serena Ryder was in the house, just hanging, drinking and singing. Pretty cool. The very next night, instead of Serena it was Ron Sexsmith.
So ya never know who you might stumble upon downstairs at Dundas and Ossington.

Seeing so many things here, every day, in every person. Like a sidewalk spectator, it is so beautiful and saddening at the same time. To look so briefly into someone’s eyes as you pass by each other on the street and take in their life and story just by feeling, it fills me with wonder every time.
People are homes, and it is such a fast tempo speed here, that the beat is too hard to keep up with, so sometimes you just get a quick glance into the inside, as strangers walk by.

Last night, I was doing my usual decompression, late night coffee, alone time at a little 24/hour Tim Hortons close to where I’m crashing and this very old dreadlocked Jamaican man came and sat beside me and chatted, asked me for a smoke, then he lit it up right inside, walked out the door, looked back at me and gave me a little grin and then he was gone. It was awesome! And nobody inside said a word, I might have to try that myself next time.

That’s it for now, I’m goona try and nap. I’m excited for this show tonight!
I’ll give the report on it soon.


The big smoke

First off,
I’ve been up for almost 30 hours.. So bear with me. Long story short, Yesterday I drove through Dinosaur city, Drumheller, to play the East Coulee Spring fest, my 5th year in a row.. Nuts!
It was cold, a bit snowy, but one of my best performances, in my heart, that I have had in a while. It was just one of those rare moments where I could really get inside and out of myself on stage and release it to be received..
I then drove to Edmonton, packed my bags and flew off to Toronto at 330am, which I guess, was the start of my day today!
A random man scooped me, an old man, and a middle aged woman up out of the flock of landers for a ride downtown from the airport. It was pretty random, and sketchy when he walked us to his black car, that he said was a cab, but was parked in the public parking 4 flights high. The woman almost shit her pants, haha I ensured her it was ok, at the end of it all, we all made it downtown, and the driver was just a smart little conman. I won’t be doing that again.
I then drove myself, for the first time in Toronto, all the way to Waterloo (it’s only an hour).
Played the Starlight room tonight, the club was just my kinda place. The floor was sticky from all the booze and fun times that were spilled from the night before. There were round tables, and candles, great stage sound, and the owner Bernard is one of the friendliest guys you can meet in a club like that. A nice small crowd of attentive folks came out. Even some fans who heard me on the radio, and had song requests.. Man alive that made my night. And thanks to the local campus Waterloo station for spinning the songs!
After me, a band called Come On Live Long played, it was their first time on tour in canada, coming all the way from Dublin. A nice group of Irish folks, and a solid band.
Then I drove home, took me twice as long in the dark.. Got lost driving circles in the big smoke a few times. I am now here at the end of this marathon day 1. Tomorrow I start my two month residency at Cameron House, and I’m stoked!
Goodnight lullabies to you,


Check one, check two, hello

Here’s a test run to see if this thing is on…!
Brand new website, I’m excited to start making some graffiti on here,
This will be the place I live online from here on forward, my old website will be up for a while still, however it will remain a ghost until the cyber police come and lay it to rest. So welcome to the new diggs!
Here we go baby.


Hangin’ At The Garagemahal

In “Hangin’ at the Garagemahal,” Joe Nolan talks about growing up on the “good side” of the river in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, which records he listened to through the floor while his parents played bridge until 2am, and all the money he made busking:

Southern Souls

Played a few songs for Southern Souls at the Goorin Brothers hat shop on Queen St. West. Here’s “Tightrope Dancer” and “I’€™ll Still Remember Your Name” from Tornado. Enjoy!


Thanks so much to Alberta Music for having me for their very first Livestock show, you can check it out here, and keep an eye out for the next ones, there is one coming out every month. They are featuring all sorts of awesome Alberta artists!!

“Tightrope Dancer” lyric video

Here’s a brand new lyric video from Joe Nolan’s new album, Tornado (available for pre-order from our webstore and iTunes as of tomorrow, Jan 14). This song, “Tightrope Dancer,” features backing vocals by Lindi Ortega.


While it’s not every day that a songwriter makes it from the shadows of open mic nights to the high wattage, real deal scene, Joe Nolan’s old soul lyrics and striking vocals suggest that the odds of breaking through are in his favour.

With Tornado, Joe Nolan blows in from the frozen prairies a fully formed artistic force worthy of national attention. This sophomore album showcases Joe’s lyrical style, not overly wordy or ornate, but intense, evocative and gripping. The power of Joe’s songwriting lies in the delivery: his ghostly vocals quiver and tumble between agony and ecstasy.

December 11th

I remember my Grandpa so well, his favorite blue sweater that would never leave his shoulders. His laugh, and the wrinkles around his eyes. The way he’d pretend to fall asleep in his chair and start snoring in front of everyone. Maybe he wasn’t actually pretending now that I think about it. Playing go fish with him and going on walks. When he used to come and watch me play hockey, I’d look up at him from the ice.
And how he would always put a toonie on my desk if my bedroom was clean.
He was tough as nails back in the day, and everybody knew not to mess with big Joe, but he sure carried the softest heart.

Today I’m goona have a shot of whiskey for my Grandpa.
It’s weird how time goes so quickly, and that will never change. For anyone thinking of an angel. No matter how many years go by I still think of my Grandpa often, and know that he’s got that big old grin on his face looking down on us everyday.

Here’s today’s song, Jeth Weinrich dedicated this film he made to his mother and tells a story through her reading glasses.