It feels like its minus 30 outside. “Colder than a well diggers ass”. I’ve been staying in, staying up, cranking the heat in blanket style. Cranking the songs. My old man orchestrated a beautiful drum circle the other night to raise money and awareness for those struggling in the Philippines right now. It puts things into perspective. Like when I’m worried about whether my car will start or not today.

“Diamonds on my windshield
Tears from heaven
Pullin’ in town on the Interstate
Pullin’ a steel train in the rain”.

Tonight, we are gathering at the Artery to release an Edmonton Christmas album. To be honest, it’s not my thing at all. It’s hard to find/sing a Christmas song that isn’t a cheesebun. That being said, I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this project, and some of those old traditional songs have the prettiest melodies ever written!
So come get warm and cozy tonight, 730pm

Here’s what I’m listening to today. Andy Shauf.


I’ve been home from tour for about a week or so now, getting back into the groove of things, all the good things.
Europe was incredible, to be where I am in my life, and to be able and lucky enough to travel across the world and sing songs is a pretty special thing. Thank you to Bjorn and Hakan, the whole Rootsy team and everyone and all the new people i have met this time through. Sweden, and all of Scandinavia, Thank you and cant wait to see you again!

Today I found out some really good news, I’m thrilled to announce that I now have Agency representation in Canada, with Paquin Entertainment, check out there website here. I met Julian, president of Paquin and some of the crew during the show I played in Toronto at the end of my tour. Sending out a thank you to them for taking me on board, I’m excited to join there team!

“If music be the food of love, play on”. -William Shakespeare

“Where the water tastes like wine”

Well hey from Ostersund,

Today is the first day where I’ve got to catch up on sleep, slept in until 1 30, no driving to another city, just chilling out in my hotel room. Sitting on the bed, working on songs. Lydia and the band left this morning, after a pretty crazy farewell show/party last night. I think the liquor stores know us by now, it was sad to say bye to the band, after being together basically 24/7 for two weeks you get to know someone pretty intensily. We played a blues festival, which I play again tonight. I got to play right before Canned Heat, which was pretty surreal, as I have watched Woodstock a dozen of times. They are just cool hippy stoners from the 60’s that love to play music!

After tonight, I think I play one more show on my own here in Sweden, then just found out that I will be flying into Toronto on the 29th to play the Dakota Tavern that night, an amazing opportunity and important show, ill be playing for a Canadian booking agency, hopefully they like me. Ill be stinky as hell, unshaven, greasy and bagged from all the travel and weeks of touring. Hahaha, perfect. Still goona bring a show, and my lil blue guitar to the stage as if Muddy Waters was in the room drinking at the bar howling out to the crowd.
So I do that, then fly home on Halloween morning, I’m looking forward to landing on home ground. Starting to feel it sink in..
I need a Halloween costume, or I could just be a Swedish homeless person, I won’t have to dress up for that.

I’m still in awe, that I am here, across the world, playing music… It’s hard for me to believe, feeling pretty lucky and blessed to be out here making a little wave of my own and hopefully adding to the greater current that connects us all and never stops flowing.


From the road

Well, this is kind of the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write something, other than the last late few nights where I’ve been too jet legged or on the fireball or a mix of both, where sleep conquered typing.
I think I am almost back to balance with the time here, something like 8 hours in the future of the clock at home.
I’m in Falkenburg for the next two days, This is one of my favorite places from last year, it’s beautiful and old and eerie here at nighttime with the cobblestone walkways and the waterfront neighboured to our hotel.
Our first show was in Finland, we took a ferry to an island and played to a standing room only crowd, then last night we played in Halmstad in this old industrial looking red barn on the outskirts of town. The kind of place that brings back memories of big raging keg parties out in the country, where the cops cant find you, and where if youre lost and cant find the place then you’re just about there, a little bit of nostalgia.
It was a small but enthusiastic crowd, I started out with “kisses in the dark” and ended my set with “I’m on fire”.

Also, my new cd was waiting for me when I arrived yesterday! It looks great, smells good, haven’t played it yet, but I’m happy to finally have a few of them in hand. It will be released in Canada in January!

The food here is so weird, I gotta get lunch soon, it’s always a guessing game, i cant read or understand the menus. Yesterday I ate a sandwich with some sort of meatballs and fish sauce on it, Luckily it was dark so I just closed my eyes and pretended not to be thinking of what kind of mystery meat I was devouring during the van ride home!
So, yeah..

One more thing, a guy named Mark Kozelek is playing 3 dates in Sweden while I’m here, I’m really going to try and see if there is a way for me to catch one of his shows, right now I have two Woody Guthries in my life and he is one of them. I’ve been obsessed with him, his songs are all pretty long, slow, sad, stuff most people would throw out the window or get board of. However I think he’s a genius. And I have a new goal of touring with him sometime on this land as it looks like he plays here lots. Anyways enough rambling on that.

I’m goona go find some more weird balls to eat,


Nashville and Europe

I think Im still high from this trip, its crazy how fast time goes by, your in one place for what seems like a blink of an eye and then your back sitting on the steps of home, with a 4am smoke staring at that same street light that flickers and winks at you. This was probably the busiest and most exciting experience down south to date, Ive never seen so much music in such a short time, it was overwhelmingly inspiring, i wish i could have bottled it up to use in doses. Surprisingly enough my favourite show was Pat Mclaughlin, because he was not part of the Americana convention. His band was tight as shit, loud, and rock and roll, with songs like “I saw you in a dream tonight, you were waiting on a traffic light, I cant stand the thought of waking up”.

John Fullbright also blew my mind, you must check him out! Emmylou at the Ryman, Dr. John, Stephen Stills, Black Keys, Shovels and Rope. The list goes on for Miles

The travelling begins, Im sitting by the fire, freezing my ass off, October is here, sure is pretty to look outside despite the frost that will be flirting with us soon. Edmonton Oilers kick off there season tonight and the lights will be shining bright in this city. Im packing up supplies for Europe, I leave in 6 days for my second time over seas to tour Scandinavia!! Looking forward to embark on another adventure into this big big world. More to come, peace


Six Shooter Records loves songwriters. The label is the proud home to artists who brave the darkness alone, who offer haunting artifacts of their solitary takes on life’s big ideas and minute details. Alberta singer-songwriter Joe Nolan now joins the likes of Martin Tielli, Amelia Curran and others on Six Shooter’s roster as an artist who mines the melancholic and mournful.

Joe Nolan is a rising star on the roots/folk scene. His debut, self-released album Goodbye Cinderella, netted a Canadian Folk Music Award for Best/New Emerging Artist in 2011. The album showcased his vapourous, shivering vocals and wise-beyond-his-years lyrical insight, introduced Joe’s graceful yet commanding presence.

The man of “cigarettes and sad songs” (Edmonton Journal) went to Nashville for the follow-up recording, and worked with ex-pat producer Colin Linden. The result, an album titled Tornado, will be released in January, 2014 on Six Shooter Records. Watch an album preview here:

Joe returns to Music City to perform at the Americana Music Conference and Festival, then it’s back to Calgary for multiple Breakout West shows and over to Scandinavia for tour dates in Sweden and Norway. 2014 Canadian album release tour dates will be announced later this fall.


it has been a little while, things have been moving like crazy, everything from the wheels of my car to the color of the leaves on my street. Summer has come and gone so fast, like a tear rolling down a pretty face. It doesn’t hit you until its finally over and you wonder where it went. Though we still have some sun left, and I have been soaking as much of it in as i can from the start!

I am getting ready to head to Nashville in a couple weeks for the Americana Music Conference, it will be my 3rd time attending. The only difference from the other years is that this year i will be performing!! I was selected for an official showcase which will go down Thursday sept 19. I am playing among and in the company of artists such as Rosanne Cash, Billy Bragg, Richard Thompson, Lindi Ortega, Shakey Graves and Over the Rhine just to name a few! pretty cool, I will also be doing two more showcases that weekend including one with Six Shooter Records as there newest signed artist! Really looking forward to this trip, Nashville, Nashville here we come.

I must say one of the ultimate highlights of a Nashville trip is going out for lunch with Mary Martin. My manager Neil is one of the very few people she will meet with, and I’m so priveledged to listen to her stories.
Who knows what will happen this trip, last year i accidently bumped into a guy at The Rutledge and almost spilt his drink. I looked up and said sorry and it was Jakob Dylan, I’m pretty sure he muttered some curse words at me as i stumbled away haha!

In other news, another European tour has been secured for me this october! Very thrilled to be traveling on another journey, I will talk more about that soon. Gotta run and get some of that sun!


Six Shooter

I’m so excited to announce that I have officially signed with Six Shooter Records out of Toronto.
It has been a goal of mine since my first trip to Toronto when I was 17 years old. When things like this happen it feels a bit surreal. My manager Neil and I have been working hard together now for about 3 and a half years now and we decided this was a good move and is just another step up the ladder! Six Shooter will be releasing my new CD now, which will probably come out in the fall we are hoping. The Album is called Tornado and I can’t wait to get it out there into the streets.

Ill keep you posted with more news as it comes. Meanwhile I’m getting amped up for Edmonton Folk Festival next weekend, another dream come true. Ill be performing this year on 4 different stages. I have been going to this festival since I was little, mostly though I’m excited for the green onion cakes!
This Sunday I head out to Ardmere to play a festival called Golden West Music Festival. It’s their first year putting it on, I’m looking forward to that one too.

Been a while since we’ve had a thunder storm, maybe we will get one tonight!
Peace out till next time


I watched the storm, the whole storm. Until it climbed out of the sky and fell down upon on us. I stood in the rain, outside of my car, and let it drench me. Surrounded by a million people in this city. Most sleeping, and I feel for the ones that miss these nights, that miss this electricity, that don’t feel the world giving them a moment of complete beauty. The sky was on fire, the street lights were shimmering, the angels were whispering, and everything else was silent. I couldn’t feel more alive.

Burn, burn, burn.


Good evening, And happy Thursday.
I’m sitting in a quiet empty house, about to head over to the sugar bowl for a meeting and some vino! I’m excited to say that the new album I recorded is currently being mastered in New York by the man Greg Calbi! He has also mastered Springsteen’s “Born To Run”, Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, Bon Iver, Alabama Shakes, Patti Smith, John Lennon… and many more… Holy Shit!! It’s pretty amazing to be in company of such Legends. I haven’t heard any of it back yet, but I’m excited to listen.

Taking off to Hinton this weekend to play and hang at Wild Mountain Music Festival. A lovely place, looking forward to another weekend in the wilderness, nothing beats that!

Gotta jet for now, peace and love and a sweet and fuzzy night to you.