Canada Day

Here we go again…
What a day, filled with some of the greatest friends, music, beers, laughter, sunshine and all else. I’m a lucky being, and honoured to be part of a community. Small or big. Short or tall. Thick or thin. Tough or weak. Here we are. I’m grateful for it. It’s 4 am now, I’m on the road to Calgary in a couple hours to finalize a couple cover songs for this Rawlco radio compilation (Mix 97) that I am part of. I’m breaking the rules and doing a J.J. Cale tune, as well as a Junkhouse song and of course Bob Dylan.. A hero to me. I’m hoping Calgary is still a float and thinking about my old place in Inglewood… Wondering if it still exists, im going to walk the warped railway lines along McLeod trail and toss a stone into a wish. May all come back together as what it must be.

Some exciting news ahead and on the way. Writing and reading lots. Refreshing and rejuvenating. Drinking LOTS.. of water.. 2 purelifes for 2 bucks at the gas station nearest to you. yeah get on it and get hydrated! If I was a girl for one day it would be Canada day, I would wear the brightest red lipstick. And keep it on until closing time.

“The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.”


Lamp post

There is nothing like a quiet street light
The closest star
Burning in the dark
Porch steps on fire
Everlasting desire
The night whistling at your door
The city whispering at your heels
The sky a dark river
The moon pushing through its black currents
Tomorrow pulls you in
Pulls you in
To dream


I’m in the mill creek ravine
Watching the sky open up
Thunder and lighting
I could sit on the hood of my car and watch for hours
Laying in the empty parking lot smiling
I’m soaking wet
These are the nights that make me want to scream to the sky, sing, write, twirl
In love


City afternoons

Hello, happy Tuesday to you.
I’m at the empress, drinking a beer right now. Listening to the street noise and picking up the conversations of ghosts and strangers around me.
I’m writing lyrics to a new song, drawing, shaping the afternoon in ink, carving out the day and sketching out the images of a grey and orange sky.
Lots has been going on, I always say I’m going to try and keep this thing they call a “blog” or whatever you may call it more updated. Well I’ll say it again, haha. Doing my best.
I’m looking forward to North country Fair so much… I guess that’s my next gig to date. I get to share a stage with Colin Linden and Mary Gautier, among others. Oh man!
Listening lots to a new discovered group called Over The Rhine, beautiful, beautiful songs. Will make your heart burn for more.
One called “Cruel and Pretty”

High above the city
Through the ceiling of the stars
so cruel and pretty
Arms spread across the dark river
The night air causing him to shiver
Like the fluorescent lights of the seven eleven
Meet me in the backstreets of heaven

No I, don’t want to kiss you goodbye.
Anyways I’m goona keep writing along, thanks for reading, see you soon.


Life is good

Thanks so much to Wunderbar,
Yesterday was their Anniversary of being open for 3 years. I got to play on the bill, so much fun. Definitely one of Edmonton’s most special little gems for any music lover, listener or wanderer.

Today the sweet gal, Lindi Ortega sung back ups on my new album! She is a knockout! We have been waiting a few weeks waiting to find the right voice… I’m excited that we now can get on to mastering the music, pressing and printing it, and then hit the shelves.

I have been so busy playing, writing, singing. Partying, jamming, listening, hanging, meeting, moving, grooving, cruisin, boozin, persusin. These are are the same things if ya think about it aren’t they. Life is good!

Tonight, I’m not sure where I will end up yet. But I will hunt the night. It is so intriguing.
“You used to stand on the stables, you used to shoot out the lights,
You used to stop trucks on I 19, in your blue leopard tights,
You got the vote of your high school, most likely to exceed,
But not likely to ever get enough, enough of what you need.
Enough of the night”. – Jackson Browne

See you soon,

Happy wed

Yo yo yo.
Happy Wednesday.
I’m loving this sun, I’m loving this melting. Strolling with a 6er, the days are here. It’s light until 9 in the evening. Then the street lights flicker on, then we find our way into tomorrow. Feels so good to be outside.
Last night at the blues can was a gas. Thanks to anyone that came out, a surprisingly full crowd and listening crowd. Also to the dancers, and burlesque, always good to see people shakin their thang. Shake it out baby!

The drive home is like a blink of an eye, feels like when I open them again I’m back to where I was before I left. However last night I actually had to pull over on the highway at 1am or something and run into the ditch to puke. Came out of no where, not fun man, just exhaustion build up. Late nights, late nights, late nights. Feeling better though. Haha why I say these things, who knows, just interesting.

Lots of good things coming up, the album I recorded in February is in its final stages. Just gotta do the artwork with master Jeth Weinrich, the mixes are sounding really cool. Can’t beat that two inch analog tape baby. I’m one lucky dude to be able to do this music thing. Geez Louise.

Talk to you soon, peace, see you all under the street lights.

Here’s a new Chip Taylor video that Jeth filmed and out together, pretty cool work!

spring a knocking

good Monday to you.
Thank you to everyone who came to Lolita’s last night, to the new and familiar faces. Thanks to Sykamore for tearing the house down.
The weather, the fuel, drive. CD’s and cigarettes.
Today Im giving my Silver Bullet a shower, aka my car… common.. the limousine is in need of a clean. She has been working hard out on the streets I tell you. Im just waiting for this car to drop dead, been waiting a while! But she keeps on persisting to run.
I figure I just need to hit a deer or something, fingers crossed. haha just kidding, but seriously that would be nice. Then Insurance can get me my dream Boogie Van, Hippie whip, or off road Jeep with the fold down seats.

Well, spring be a knocking! My body is getting hit with that seasonal cold, i can feel it getting run down. Wish it was my car instead!
All is well, keep on twirling!

see u soon,

Home sweet home

Them red shoes have been a tappin, no place like home.
I had such a time in Nashville, and am blessed and priveledged to have been surrounded by such characters and influential people during my stay. We recorded 11 songs. And I’m waiting for the needle to drop on them.

I got in last night to Edmonton at 1 am in the morning, landing in on valentines day.
I believe in such real, real love. The kind that makes your body tremble when your standing next to your baby right before the night gets dark, the kind that sends shivers through your skin everytime you touch, and makes you wish only to be in the moment, no where else, but now. I see so many people being together just for the sake of being together. Love is sacred, delicate, beautiful, inspiring, unstoppable.
One of the most important things in life, as Dylan says,
“If I had a star from the darkest of nights, or diamonds from the deepest ocean, I’d forsake them all for your sweet kiss, for that’s all I’m wishing to be owning”.

Happy Valentines to everyone,

Peace and talk soon,

Homeward bound

Good evening to you,
Is been a fucking trip here in Nasville, such a ride. I thank everyone involved in this journey. Looking forward to being back in the winter white snow, freezing my ass off. I’m going to miss it here, such memories.
I think we have made a pretty cool record, can’t wait to drop it like its hot.
My last night here, home late tomorrow evening.
My friend Jacob, who lives in his wheel chair outside of Starbucks that i met the other day says that a meteor is supposed to hit earth tomorrow traveling at 70 000 miles an hour.
That’s some hot and heavy dosage. Hopefully I make it across the sky with no collisions,
I’ll see you’s on the other side,
Talk soon,

Thank you, Thank you


Hello out there…we’re on the air..
I had such a magical day in the studio today, we finished tracking, Brain cooked an amazing meal… There was wine, cheers, laughs, cut cheese, spills, smiles and fire. Feeling good about the songs…
Had a crazy night… We left the studio at about 8 pm, then I went to the High Watt on Cannery Row to see Lindi Ortega’s show because Colin was sitting in to play with her…
Then I found out that Dustin Bentall and his band were opening and backing up Lindi, so it turned out to be a real small world.
Halfway through Lindi’s set I headed out to grab some food with Jeth Weinrich and his girl Bree (they are filming and documenting our recording) Jeth is one of the greatest Filmakers in the world, he did all of Jann Arden’s videos and many more!
Anyways, so we drive around all of Nashville looking for a place to eat and We stop at the hermitage cafe, Jeth gets a coffee than decides the menu is no good, so we cruise around looking for a place called Athens that is supposed to be 24/7…Beer… Wine… Beer.. We finally find it and it is as dark as the sky after the sun retires, closed.
So we hit broadway.. Beer, Wine…it’s midnight at least now, we go to some pub where we find Darryl Sutter (coach of the LA Kings after coaching the flames for 3 years, won the Stanley cup last year and is an Albertan) I decide to say hello, turns out he is the nicest guy, The Kings played Nashville tonight and lost… We talked for 15 minutes… He asked what I was doing down here and I said recording a cd… He said he tells his players to live their dream and wished me all the best and said he wants to hear from me again. Also that his daughter now currently resides in Fort Saskatchewan as a single mom, Small world!
Anyways, enough hockey smockey bullcrap..
After that we had some more adventures which I will save for memory, Jeth Driving his landrover, felt like I was in Kerouac’s “on the road” for a few moments.
Finally I get back to the hotel, having my very last ciggarette and in comes Rich of Dustin Bentalls Band, turns out they’re staying at the same hotel…
So I end up in the parking lot, in their tour van for one last beer, and meeting Dallas Green’s bass player. Cool.
And here I am,

Closing my eyes,
All is good,

A video Jeth did….