Thank you Toronto, Final show here of 2015

The Final and fourth show happens tonight, and I anticipate its going to be a big party and farewell show, until next time, which wont be in 2015. Im realizing how much fun it is to play with a band, how different it is, the challenges and rewards that come with it. Everything changes, all the dynamics and the shape of the songs, the songs originally written on an acoustic guitar can form into endless possibilities. The experiment is one I’d like to continue tapping into until that ideal sound is found and fitting for what we want to put out there, through our amplifiers, through the speakers and microphones. It’s a never-ending mystery, and beautiful wonder.

After tonight, I will start my journey home, I have no idea what the roads and weather are like outside of Toronto, it’s sort of a bubble here. A good bubble, except for when people think its the only place in the world, I dont dig that. However, I just mean, it’s hard to get out and explore the outer city when you are here encapsulated and busy on the inside. I miss the fields, and the country, every time. So I look forward to the drive, the silence, the peace, alone with my thoughts, music, coffee, long roads. I put on winter tires last night, it was a must, and just gives me piece of mind when I do hit some dicey roads! The place I went was hilarious, a 24/7 hour joint on the outskirts by the airport. The guy took cash only, 520$ all in, and later noticed my van had a bed, he asked jokingly if I was sleeping in there, and I said yes I am. I told him I was a musician from Edmonton, and he also told me he was a writer and rapper as well. He showed me some of his music, said he’d like to get out of the garage and do some more performing. He was an awesome dude and I know where I will go for an oil change next time I’m in town now.

I am not going to get all into, however I am missing my little baby blue guitar. After last weeks show, I went in a cab to get some food with my two sisters around 3 am. My youngest sister being in Toronto for the first time, she came to see us before she started her one way ticket adventure to South America! I was caught up in the buzz from the show, and the buzz of having my kid sis in town and seeing her. I totally forgot that my guitar had been in the trunk of the cab. Anyways, long story short, It is still missing, Ive done all I can and am continuing to call. My fingers are crossed that it finds its way back home sometime. I fucking love that guitar and it has really been a friend to me, like a best friend.
But Alas, the world keeps turning. Like a tilt-a-whirl.

I want to thank everyone here, during this trip, all the people that have come out to support live music. All the people, whether it was someones song I heard at a show, someone inspiring me in a conversation, strangers on the street, the Italian neighbours that yell at each other from across the street when I’m sleeping in my van in the morning. Just all the people who have been gracious and show me inspiration. Thank you, Its been a great trip. Oh and thanks to the YMCA, haha Ive never left more sweat somewhere, sorry guys.

Im looking forward to a beer when I get back to familiar places, haven’t had one for 36 days, and it feels good, mainly I’m pumped for tonights show, I also want to thank the fellas that have been nice enough to play with this old vagrant. Galen, Comeau, and Gcock, such great dudes and musicians and I’ve been lucky to share some music with them on stage!

Thank you to the Cameron house, and Six Shooter, Its been a hell of a time, Thanks to you for reading, I’ll catch you all on the flip side, probably wont be scribbling on here again till I get home.



( February 2014, Six Shooter Records )