This Fall

This Fall
I am going to give myself to the season
A new treatment
Like a Birthday or a New Years Eve party
When you wake up and It is suddenly over
And you wonder
What did I change?
What changed in me?
What changed around me?

I am going to take an hour walk everyday in September
Without headphones
Maybe a harmonica in my pocket
I am going to write
I am going to feel the soberness of it all
The symmetry
Of the non symmetrical
I am going to share

Sometimes if you want to see the light
You must step into the darkness first

And there

In the ghetto of a wounded soul
A butterfly hovers deep below
God came down and kissed my cheek
And opened up a world for you and me
Tell someone you love them
And tell it to yourself
You are magnificent and dazzling

This Fall

( February 2014, Six Shooter Records )